Radiomarine Corporation Model ET-8026

Manually keyed, or motorized S-O-S. 5 watts output.

Two 1624 tubes, plus a spare.

Lifeboat logbook.

Part of SRT-1.


1. Do not transmit signals immediately. Wait until out of danger area.

2. Lash down cabinet with straps to thwart.

3. Erect antenna. See sketch on inside front cover. Connect antenna to Antenna Terminal. Connect the free end of the ground wire to the Ground Terminal. The ground wire should also be connected to the grounding stud on the boat hull (metal). If a ground stud is not provided, the sinker end of the ground wire should be dropped overboard and should remain in the water while transmitting.

4. Place Signal Switch in SOS position. (Radio operator can use Key position, if desired).

5. Push Start Switch. Transmitter will run for two minutes, then shuts down automatically.

6. Carefully rotate knob marked Antenna Tuning until Tuning Indicator light shows maximum brilliance. If Antenna Indicator does not glow, try various numbers on the Antenna Selector (1 to 4) until adjustment of Antenna Tuning causes the light to glow brightest.

7. Important: Battery capacity is limited. Start switch should not be pushed more than once each hour, to conserve battery and allow sufficient time for rescuing vessel to approach. Battery is good for about 48 "pushes" , or two days service if used once each hour.

8. To use hand telegraph key for SOS or Auto Alarm Signal, place Signal Switch in Key position. To transmit SOS, manipulate key for three shorts, three longs, and three shorts. To transmit Auto Alarm signal, use watch with second hand, hold key down foiur seconds, up one second, down four seconds, up one second, etc. for two minutes.

9. Read instruction book for further details.


Radio Transmitting Set, AN/SRT-1
JAN Type: AN/SRT-1
Nomenclature: Radio Transmitting Set
Reference: TM 11-830
NSN: 2C6657
Weight: 60 Lbs
Mode: 2A2
Frequency Range: 500 kHz
Power Input: 6 VDC
Power Output: 5 W
Number of Channels: 1
Part of: SRT-1
Antenna: Wire Antenna
Description: The SRT-1, a Radiomarine Corporation of America model ET-8026, is a portable, battery-operated, lifeboat transmitter. The set operates automatically for a period of 2 minutes each time the button is pressed, and automatically stops operating upon completion of the cycle for the purpose of conserving the battery. During each 2-minute operating period, the SOS distress signal is sent 18 times; long-dashes are also sent 6 times, to enable rescuing ship to take bearings. The sending of these signals does not require a radio operator, although the set is provided with a hand telegraph key which may be used by a radio operator for straight MCW transmitting. The battery is good for 48 operating periods of 2 minutes each, or, for 48 hours if used on an hourly schedule as is recommended. Uses 2 tubes.
Source: TM 11-487A, 20 Aug 50
Manufacturer: Radiomarine Corporation of America