Independent, Simultaneous USB/LSB AM Sync Detector

Output from Sony ICF-2010


I've added independent USB/LSB AM Sync Detector output to one of my 2010 receivers...

It is easy to get the individual, hot-all-the-time, AM upper and lower audio on the PSN module

just below IC-10 on the main board.

I mounted a 4.7 uF tantalum capacitor to pin 4, and another to pin 5 (neg lead toward PSN).

The other end of each tantalum cap (postitive lead) goes to a 1/8" stereo phone jack's tip and ring contacts.

The sleeve of the jack was attached to ground on pin 6 of the PSN.

There is a slight level difference depending on which output is currently selected for use by

the rest of the radio, but that's not a big deal.

There you have it - independent, simultaneous reception of the upper and lower sides of an

AM signal in the 2010.

Steve Johnston, WD8DAS